Paddy Museum (Rice Museum) – Kedah Tourist Attractions

Paddy Museum (Muzium Padi) is the first paddy museum in Malaysia, and the fourth to be opened in the world after Japan, German and Philippine. It is located at the foot of Gunung Keriang, which is about 8 km to the northwest of Alor Setar’s city.

Paddy Museum (Rice Museum) - Kedah Tourist Attractions

It is one of Kedah’s pride as an important tourist destination in the state, which is known as the Rice Bowl state of Malaysia due to its important economic contribution to the country. The museum serves as an honour to the history, culture and significance of paddy farming in Kedah.

It was officially opened by KDYMM Tuanku Sultan Haji Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah, the Sultan of Kedah on 12th October, 2004 at a cost of RM24.7 million.

Paddy Museum (Rice Museum) - Kedah Tourist Attractions

Paddy Museum features unique roof design that portrays bushels of harvested rice stalks. And not only that, throughout the building, visitors will also notice that the rice motifs are repeated almost everywhere on gate, fence and even the staircase banisters.

The museum consists of three levels, exhibits materials and items related to paddy that includes the culture, research and development as well as the extension of paddy technology.

Its spiral staircase leads visitors to the top most portion that offers a spectacular bird’s eye view of a revolving wall galleries. The mural displays the stages of rice cultivation from ploughing, planting, threshing and winnowing. Visitors will be mesmerized by the reverse effect of the revolving platform that they are standing on while enjoying the view of the mural without realizing that in actual fact the scenery is not rotating around them.

This massive circular mural has an overall length of 103 meters in circumference and with a height of 8 meters tall, was a masterpiece artwork of 60 artists from North Korea.

Visitor Information
Open Daily :
Saturday – Thursday 10.00 am – 6.00 pm
Friday 10.00 am – 12.30 pm
2.30 pm – 6.00 pm

Admission Fee :
Adult – RM 3.00 / Child- RM 1.00
Camera – RM 2.00 Per item

Muzium Padi – Tel : +604-7351315
Lembaga Muzium Negeri Kedah – Tel : +604-7331162

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