Mount Lambak Recreational Forest – Johor Attraction

Mount Lambak Recreational Forest - Johor Attraction

” Located at the foothill of Gunung Lambak, some 5km from the town of Kluang is this recreational forest. It is a favorite retreat for picnics, bathing and mountain-climbing.”

Just 5km from Kluang town centre, the Mount Lambak Recreational Forest is a convenient destination for those seeking a nature-getaway. Located at the foothill of┬áMount Lambak, this recreational forest is perfect for picnics, swimming and mountain-climbing. There is also a small children’s playground here.

At 510m above sea level, Mount Lambak is accessible via footpaths and wooden bridges which makes for a relaxing and rejuvenating trek uphill. Apart from the variety of wild flora and fauna, there are waterfalls for those wanting a refreshing dip. Modern chalets are available for those who wish to stay overnight here.

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