Gombak Tourist Attractions – Selangor

National Zoo

The National Zoo in Hulu Klang has a fascinating animal collection from all over the world, as well as an impressive aquarium and aviary. It is considered one of the most interesting zoos in South East Asia, with large grounds for picnic, enormous lake for `swan boating’ and train rides around the zoo.

Templer’s Park
Located just north of Kuala Lumpur, Templer’s Park is a lush forest park with cascading waterfalls and rivers meandering through it. This park is also ideal for picnics and visitors could take the opportunity to dip in the cool, refreshing water.

Commonwealth Forest Park
Tourists that are on their way to the north, passing Rawang from Kuala Lumpur, should stop for a while at Commonwealth Forest Park. It is situated on the left side of the main road just after the Templer’s Park and easy to locate. This park was launched in 1993 to commemorate The 14th Commonwealth Forest Meeting. This interesting park is shrouded by a forest, landscaped park, camping sites, chalet, water fountain, trekking paths and other facilities for the tourists to feel the natural beauty.

Kanching Recreational Forest
The Kanching Recreational Forest, located adjacent to the Templer’s Park offers a cool and soothing environment for tourists. The more popular spots among picnickers are the second and third levels, where the waterfalls end up in spacious pools and bouldered streams.

Orang Asli Museum
Situated at Km 24, Jalan Gombak, visitors can have an insightful glimpse into the lifestyle and culture of Selangor’s “Original People” or orang asli that is fast disappearing with development and modernisation. It has a vast collection of tribal heritage such as blowpipes, spears, porcelain and ancestral figurines.

Batu Caves
Located 15 km north of Kuala Lumpur, Batu Caves is the most popular tourist destination in Selangor. It consists of three big caves and the main temple cave, which features ornate Hindu shrines and has a ceiling looming over 100 metres overhead. To reach it one has to climb a steep flight of 272 steps, a feat performed by as many as 100,000 devotees during the annual Thaipusam festival.

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