Bako National Park – Sarawak Attraction

Bako National Park - Sarawak Attraction

Situated at about 37 km from Kuching. The Bako National Park is mainly a tropical rain forest rich in tropical plants and vegetation especially the various types of flora and fauna. There are the silver-leaf monkeys, proboscis monkeys, long-tailed macaques, white-bellied sea-eagle, multicolour barbet, monitor lizards and wild boars can be seen, if you are lucky, in their natural habitat.

With its rainforest, abundant wildlife, jungle streams, waterfalls, interesting plant life, secluded beaches, panoramic rocky shoreline, bizarre rock formations and extensive network of trekking trails, Bako National Park offers visitors an excellent introduction to the rainforest and coastline of Borneo. Bako may not have an instantly recognisable star attraction, but there can be very few places in the world that pack so much natural beauty into such a limited area, all just 37 km from Kuching. Its accessibility – and its sheer range of attractions and activities – have made Bako one of the most popular parks in Sarawak. Gazetted in 1957, Bako is Sarawak’s oldest national park, covering an area of 2,727 hectares at the tip of the Muara Tebas peninsula. It is one of the smallest national parks in Sarawak, yet one of the most interesting, as it contains almost every type of vegetation found in Borneo. The well-maintained network of nature trails – from easy forest strolls to full-day jungle treks – allows visitors to get the most out of this unique environment.

Bako National Park - Sarawak Attraction

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